Five Reasons Why You Always Lose Betting

Photo Five Reasons Why You Always Lose Betting

The world of betting is like quicksand: it sinks deeper and deeper and there is no way out. We want to win more often and raise our marks, but we almost always fly into the abyss and remain at the bottom of disappointments. Failures and losses are our fault. Five reasons why you, dear friend, will never win.

Man is a victim of egocentrism


When it comes to betting, we all become super-cool experts who understand predictions better than others. Yes, the credibility of individual analysts matters, but most of us are Japan experts with a ten-game losing streak.

All players have in their “bag of knowledge” several successful races with high odds, which for various reasons were not won. The main thing is that the thinking turned out to be correct, right? They don’t need coaches and betting strategies because they are “class X betting stars”. Gambling companies welcome such self-confident alpha males and regularly offer their customers promotions and bonuses that “elves” use with pleasure.

Unwillingness to learn and analyze mistakes

All players make mistakes and that’s okay. As Vincent van Gogh said: “Only the experience and necessary daily work of an artist can mature him and allow him to create something more true and complete. If a player does not learn from his mistakes, and all his thoughts remain on paper without analysis, then this useless labor, like climbing a mountain again and again and flying down again and again.

You can learn from the mistakes of others, but it takes diligence. Most players are lazy and fanatical about betting. There is no need to sum up when it is clear that Liverpool and Manchester City are the strongest in England and Real Madrid are the king of Spain. Analysis takes a long time and you don’t want to go back to past games. But in the final events, secret and useful information is encrypted.

Lack of concentration

“It’s not about the number of views, not about the quality of the rhymes, but about the personality behind them,” Oxxxymiron defended himself in front of Johnyboy. In sports betting, the situation is similar: “It’s not about the quantity, but about the quality of the time spent and the desire of the player to become the best in betting.

Concentration is very important because cork works against professionals. Making easy bets without understanding is like going into a gunfight with a knife. It is important to be aware of the chances here and now. If the bettor is in a bad mood and many problems distract from the analysis, it is better to refuse the bet or take a timeout. Continuing to bet depressed can lead to tilt and loss of all your money.

Do you think players take a break and eat “Twix” when their bets are unsuccessful? Unfortunately no. For profitability, they make even greater bets, which affects quality. When they lose, they try to find a “tasty” ratio and grab luck by the tail. They often make mistakes and get injured. And why? Because they lost focus.

Financial discipline

Photo Financial discipline

Many bettors don’t know how to manage their bankroll. Players deposit a small amount of money into their bankroll and use it to place bets. When one hundred pounds remains on the deposit, the player turns on the “aggressive mod” and takes 50% of the bank.

Due to the stupidity that the poor fellow did once, he remains penniless (but the heart beats and the soul sings – do you like the song “Girl from the North”?) It is difficult to stay afloat in betting if the player has not set financial rules.

Expected value

The bookmaker always has an advantage over the players. Behind the table are algorithms for determining the correct odds given margin (why players should consider it when betting) and an think tank. It is important not so much to guess the outcome of the match, but to do it at favorable odds.

How to find an attractive quote if everything is subjective? In this case, a separate material is required. Playing at unfavorable odds is doomed to failure. Want to cheat and cheat on math? Friends, you can’t outwit her in sports betting.


Another reason is the constant volatility of the market. Bookmakers are becoming more advanced, it is more difficult to resist them. Everything is changing in the betting industry. It is important to follow trends and select strategies based on changing trends.

What reasons for losing bets would you add? Write in the comments below.

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